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The Top 6 Bars and Clubs to Experience Bogotá Nightlife

While Colombians are hard-workers, you won’t have any trouble finding a great bar or club to experience the Bogotá nightlife.

Whether you’re headed out for a night on the town or just want to grab a few drinks after work, you’ll have plenty of options. Below are my picks for the top 6 bars and clubs in Bogotá, Colombia (in no particular order).

Number 1: Yumi Yumi (Zona T)

Yumi Yumi, located in Bogota’s Zona T, is my favorite bar for when I’m trying to do some serious drinking. Yumi Yumi is known for their cocktails (and for good reason!). Their list is extensive with an overwhelming amount of delicious, fruity cocktails for you to try. Not only that, but all their cocktails are 2 for 1, ALWAYS. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, their happy hour features 3 for 1 cocktails (with fewer options but still a lot to choose from!). The environment of the bar is great also! Drink with caution: These cocktails are delicious but strong.

Bogotá, Colombia: Where are the best places to go out on the weekends? Bogotá nightlife is varied and exciting. Here are my top picks!

Number 2: Bogotá Beer Company (multiple locations)

You will see Bogotá Beer Company all over the city. It’s a pub-style bar with great beer! This was the ONLY bar in Bogotá where I could find pumpkin-flavored beer around Halloween. It was a life-saver! They sell their own brand of beer which is delicious. My personal favorite in the Monserrate Roja. You can order individual beers, pitchers, or jirafas (see below).

Number 3: La Cervecería (Zona T)

La Cervecería in Zona T might not stand out too much at first, but that’s because you haven’t tried the food! Their drinks selection includes a variety of beers and liquors. This is the place to come if you have some serious drunchies (translation: drunk munchies) or when you’re giving up on your diet. The super nachos have truly earned their name. They are not a one-person task. The Mexican pizza is another recommended option! It’s a great place to experience the Bogotá nightlife in a large group.


Number 4: Armando Records (Zona T)

Armando Records, located in Zona T, is a dance club. It’s on the more-expensive side, but it’s worth going at least once! It will cost you $30,000 pesos (about $10 USD) to enter and a beer will cost you around $15,000 pesos (About $5 USD). The best option is to go with a group of friends and buy a bottle of liquor to share. Armando has multiple floors. The first one is the largest and the main dance floor. It has no roof, which is a nice change from stuffy, sweaty discotecas. The other floors have some areas to sit, drink, and talk. Keep in mind that the bars close at 2 A.M.

Number 5: Theatron (Chapinero)

Ahhhh, Theatron: for when you want to spend your Sunday morning feeling like death. Theatron, located in Chapinero, is one of the craziest parties you can experience in Bogotá nightlife. It’s known as a gay club, but attracts all types of people. You pay around $50,000 pesos (about $15-$20 USD) to enter and they give you a cup. Then you go crazy with the open bar until 1 AM (the time might change depending on the night). There are multiple floors with multiple rooms and it feels more like a small city or a cruise ship than a club. Each room has different music. Tired of salsa? Go to the next room and listen to reggaeton for a while. Theatron is a must if you are visiting Bogotá.

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Number 6: La Bodega (multiple locations)

La Bodega is owned by Bogotá Beer Company. The difference is that it’s a lot smaller, they don’t serve food (but you can bring in your own), and the beer is cheaper (about $20,000 cop or $7 USD for a pitcher). This is a cool place to come grab some drinks after work and it’s more affordable than BBC.


What are your favorite bars and clubs in Colombia’s capital city?

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