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12 Travel Blogs by Women to Inspire Your Next Trip

So, you’re a woman who’s interested in traveling aloneor maybe you already travel alone. Either way, the best way to prepare yourself for a solo trip is to read about other awesome women who have done the same! Or maybe you just like to read about others’ experiences and see how they made their dreams come true. While there are plenty of amazing travel blogs run by men, this article is all about girl power!
I read plenty of blogs written by men, but, as a woman, sometimes it’s more helpful to read blogs written by other women. Why? First of all, if I’m traveling solo, I’m going to face different challenges than most men will face. Second of all, maybe I want to find some information on where to go when my girlfriends come visit or how to find a gynecologist in the country I’m visiting (not a popular blog topic but you get my point) . It’s as simple as that.
Women travel bloggers: my inspiration comes from a lot of different sources and many of them are other travel bloggers! Here are my favorite.
Here are my top 12 favorite female-run travel blogs:
Not only does Kate write about her experiences traveling, she writes about her experiences becoming a travel blogger. In many of her posts, she talks about how she struggled going from a full-time job that she hated to working independently.
Her posts are inspiring and show that, even if things are tough at times, it’s possible to reach our dreams. She shares her experiences, but also her mistakes and what she’s learned along the way. This blog is great to read if you love travel and/or are planning a major lifestyle change.
Some of my favorite posts from Adventurous Kate are “This is the Islamic World“, “How I Choose Where to Travel Next“, and “25 Things I Learned the Hard Way While Traveling.
How To…Bogotá HAD to make this list. Why? Because this blog basically saved my life when I made the decision to leave the United States and head to Bogotá. I remember trying to get things in order and frantically thinking of questions as I was about to go to sleep at night. This blog had all the answers, from what neighborhoods to live in in Bogotá to how to make friends in the city.
I’ll admit that Bogotá wasn’t my first choice when I decided to move to Colombia…in fact it was my last. I pictured being alone in a dark and busy city (don’t ask my why there was never sun in the Bogotá of my imagination). That’s why I can’t say enough that this blog is a true LIFE-SAVER if you’re moving to or visiting Colombia’s capital. Through this blog and my experience, I found that Bogotá can actually be a pretty awesome place.
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Her blog itself is aesthetically pleasing and her mindset is super inspirational. I love this blog because her posts about destinations such as Bali, Tokyo, and Budapest are incredibly helpful. Also, she writes a lot of posts that encourage others to pursue their dreams as well. Reading through her blog, you can’t help but feel inspired to plan your next trip!
Chloe is a UK-based travel blogger who has been all over the world, to countries like Brazil, Cuba, Jordan, and Estonia. She writes about her experiences, food, and hotels, while traveling in style. I depend on her blog a lot to keep me inspired and working on my own blog. Her posts and travel guides are so good that they’ll make you want to start packing your bags right away.
My favorite posts of hers are “24 Hours in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico“, “UCO Valley Wine Tour, Mendoza, Argentina“, and “These are the Top Foodie Spots You Have To Eat At in Edmonton, Canada” (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it).
Pommie Travels is one of the most inspirational travel blogs that I actively follow. Victoria’s story is relatable-that of a girl unsure what path to take after graduation- and her success is inspiring. She writes articles to help all types of travelers and to help take the stress out of traveling. I highly recommend reading her blog before any travel. Or when you’re feeling frustrated by society’s expectations.
Leah posts about her travel experience, as well as great tips for travel bloggers and travelers! Her blog is FILLED with resources to help make your travels simpler no matter where you’re going! As a traveler in South America, I can say that The Sweetest Way has been a HUGE help to me and has helped make my travels even better than expected! She also writes some interesting topics about digital nomad and location independent lifestyles.
Do you love to travel but don’t fall into the category of quitting your job and leaving everything behind? This blog is for you! Anna has managed to travel to over 70 countries while still having several serious jobs, a home base, and continuing her education. She’s also awesome because she knows that travelers don’t always fit into one category- yes, you can love an expensive spa weekend just as much as a week of camping.
Amanda’s blog is for those travelers who love adventure, but also love the familiarity of home. I love Amanda’s blog because she shows us that you don’t need to drastically give up everything you own and travel full-time to be a travel-lover. There can exists a balance between home and the new and different. She writes about lessons she’s learned, her experience travel blogging, and, of course, her travel experiences!
Flora the Explorer approaches travel blogging in a different way. You won’t find the typical “X Best Places to Stay in XXXX”-type articles here! Flora writes about the real experiences she has while traveling- the problems, the learning experiences, and the people. This blog is great if you want to know more information about the culture or the people of where you’re going.
Some of the most interesting posts from Flora the Explorer are “Sexism and Machismo: the Attitude to Women in Latin America“, “How To Live the Local Life in Bogotá“, and “The Day I Saw a Polar Bear.
Yara’s blog is great, especially for the vegan traveler! She left her home at age 18 with a dream and not much to her name, and has been traveling ever since. She writes about her experiences traveling, and also about her journey of self-discovery- through yoga, holistic medicine, and a healthy lifestyle. This is your go-to blog if you’re interested in maintaining this lifestyle abroad.
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Rachel’s travel blog gives us the perfect variety of down-to-earth budget travel and glam. She quit her job as a nurse years ago to pursue her dream of traveling and currently lives in India. She writes about her experiences traveling to exotic locations, like Nepal, and also provides awesome articles to help all types of travelers.
Brenna’s blog focuses more on her experiences than on “how to guides” or your typical articles from travel blogs. She’s currently pursuing her dream of becoming a professional writer in London and her blog articles are wonderful to read. I love the beautiful and interesting stories she writes about the places she’s visited.  
Some of my favorite articles from her site are “You Will Discover Wanderlust“, “The Myths of Central America“, and “What If I’m Single Forever?”
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What female-run travel blogs would you add to the list?

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